MWBA Auction-Event Assistance Programs

Conducting the live and assisting with the silent auction segments of your benefit event or charity gala. You will have the opportunity to add not just a professional auctioneer to your program, but a proven event specialist and former Director of Development for a 501(c) 3 organization (The Salvation Army).

Review of your upcoming Live and/or Silent Auction event and providing you with our recommendations and suggestions. In addition, if desired, we will meet with you/your committee for post event evaluations.

Consulting services for all aspects of your event, special occasion or unique activity to increase your donations. Initial and follow-up inquiry is courtesy of MWBA.

Support for your organization as an effective solution provider for their various charitable, promotional and branding needs.

Master of Ceremonies, Introductions and Overall Event Announcement services are also available.

"Our Goal is To Enhance and Exceed Your Event Expectations"


Auction Items Multiplied - MWBA is able to increase and promote the procurement of auction items for your event.

Initially we will review your current and past procurement programs and efforts. We will make recommendations based on what we feel, and you approve, is in your best interest.

We can refer your organization to several reliable companies that specialize in unique and premium live & silent auction items. The offerings range from trip packages for pleasure, special interests and sporting events to celebrity autographed items from the world of entertainment, media and sports. These items are on a consignment basis and require a pre-determined and mutually agreed upon cost to the organization only if they are successfully sold.

In addition we have several donors of unique offerings, subject to the cause being funded and the availability due to other commitments scheduled or confirmed.

We can also enhance the live and/or silent items you have already secured with our well established network of friends and contacts from a wide variety of venues nationwide.

The proven results of this MWBA service are increased revenue for your event and designated cause. Together we take AIM to reach and surpass your target goal.

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About Jim Alban


Jim is a goal oriented auctioneer who can provide problem solving skills and unique career experiences regarding major aspects of funding events, specializing in live and silent benefit-charity auctions.